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Residential roof cleaning doesn’t just help you remove mold and mildew from your roof, but it helps maintain the curb appeal of your roof for the long term. Cleaning your home’s roof does more than just increase its curb appeal. You’re protecting your roof from long term damage. Over time leaves, soot, air pollution, algae, mildew, mud, and other contaminants can collect on your roof.

If you don’t clean these contaminants that make your roof look weathered and old, they can become problems later on that will be more expensive to remove or replace. Roof cleaning isn’t just about removing contaminants, but preventative measures are taken to extend the roof’s life. When you extend your roof’s life, you’re potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars in reactive maintenance in the future.

If your residential home has shingles, then these contaminants can also grow underneath or between the shingles. This can cause permanent damage to anything under the shingles. You may also suffer from leaks or rot in your ceiling if the growth isn’t adequately removed by professionals. Keeping your roof clean with a professional service can save you money in the long run.

Your curb appeal doesn’t just mean how your house looks from the curb, but it also means your home’s value if you ever placed the house on the market. If your goal is to eventually sell your home, then getting your roof cleaned professionally is an affordable way to improve your home’s outside value. Your roof may be sturdy, but any type of dirt or growth on it might scare off potential buyers.

While the benefits of cleaning your roof to maintain its longevity sound nice, don’t try to attempt it yourself. It’s best to go with a professional company that can do it for cheaper than trying to do it yourself.

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